Sonntag, 16. August 2009

Pitbull 'Rebelution'

Now it's official!!!!

My Partner Schowi an Me (BASS ILL EURO) produced 'Full Of Shit' from Pitbull's new Album 'Rebelution'

Release Date Sep. 1st.

Here's the Tracklist..

1. Triumph (feat. Avery Storm)
2. Shut It Down (feat. Akon)
3. I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)
4. Girls
5. Full Of Shit (feat. Nayer & BASS ILL EURO)
6. Dope Ball (Interlude)
7. Can’t Stop Me Now
8. Hotel Room Service
9. Juice Box
10. Call Of The Wild
11. Krazy (feat. Lil Jon)
12. Give Them What They Ask For
13. Across The World Pitbull (feat. B.O.B.)
14. Daddy’s Little Girl (feat. Slim)

Listen to the Album HERE

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