Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2009

Montag, 5. Oktober 2009

Asian Club Tour pt.2


Back in China again to play 3 Shows in Hong Kong, Shanghai & Beijing.

First stop 'Ghetto' HONG KONG.

My Homie Kid Fresh aka 'Supreme sponsored Touristguide' :) picked me from my Hotel and we met DJ Janatic & Danny D from Kassel - they're just on vacation in HK - to have dinner in a 'Ghetto' Restaurant without napkins and 'Blue Girl' beer..
After we went to the 'Ghetto' Peak i had to met Daniello (GM from M1NT HK) to have a non-Ghetto dinner.
Finished with dinner i had to met Kid Fresh again and DJ Enso's guest appereance gave us the chance to see us the first time. We moved to Enso's nice apartement and had an pre-listening to the coming Bass ill Euro EP..
Show-time, Caroline (D&G HK) and her friends picked me up to play in front of a packed club with maybe 300 peeps. Including some difficulties, of what-else would you expect: 'Ghetto' Turtables & Needles"

Next Day - Next Party @ M1NT / SHANGHAI..

Airport, 2h 'on air' then a Taxi to Kamikaze's Place. Here we both again in Shanghai..
Kami's place is unfortunately to small, so i had to move 2 blocks away to Anita's place.

Then back to a taxi and tah daaaah: M1NT / SH.

The boys from M1NT like to treat they Guest DJ's well. We had an delicious dinner with an amazing view over Shanghai's skyline. Big up to the chefs from M1NT. Everything I had was extremely yummy.....

Kami did the warm up that night while I did my personal warm up (6 Jägermeister, 4 Jin Tonics) At 1am with packed dancefloor it was Bass Ill Euro time.
The day after:

Shanghai, Sun, 28 °, 3h sleep, breakfast on a rooftop, a colorful bird, shopping and chilling!
Check the pics..